After listening to the speech by Professor Miguel Perez on The Bronx Journal TV, I looked for this information about the origin of the name of the Hudson River.

«The Hudson was known by vary names, and the Indians had various ones. To the Iroquois it was the Cohohatatia, or «place to catch shad». To the Lenapes and Mahicans it was the Muhheakunnuk or Mahicannittuck, or «great waters constantly in motion» (referring to the tides), which came to have the secondary meaning «place where the Mahicans dwell». In 1524 Verrazano called it simple the Grande Riviere or Angoleme. In 1525 Gomez dubbed it the Rio San Antonio, and it was later called the Rio de Gomez, or Guamas. In 1609 Henry Hudson called it the Manhattes, from the tribe at its mouth…»

From The Hudson River Guidebook by Arthur G. Adams

This is important topic when writing about Hispanic heritage, the first European to name the river was Verrazano.The river had an Spanish name (San Antonio) almost 100 years before Henry Hudson studied it. Prof. Perez had a debate on CNN with then Presidential Candidate Tancredo from Colorado, who promotes the English Only policies. After going nowhere in the discussion, Prof. Perez asked Tancredo: «OK, I don’t know how I am going to address you from now on..’ Mr.Tancredo from the RED State’ ? Because COLORADO sounds Spanish to me…