Obviously, if you come from another country you know what works and what does not work in the United States. At least the first 2 years. Later, depending on your memory or your wishes to merge with this society, you could forget (a bit, never completely)

Obviously, the idea of privatizing education and not having the goal of a free and high-quality education for every citizen is a recipe for self-destruction.

Obviously, if you knew history you would have never voted for someone like Donald Trump. There were times when majorities made fun of intellectuals (you liberals! you professors!) and history was not nice to the people of those countries. When men with big mouths have taken power, it always has been a disaster (Hugo Chávez, Silvio Berlusconi, etc).

Obviously, people coming from Third-World countries─like me─ know how the bad presidents from Third-World countries talk like. And Trump talks exactly like them.

Obviously, if you lived in any of the 5 boroughs of New York (Blyn, Bx, SI, Mhtn, Qns) you thought, at least once, why people here don’t kill each other more often. The greatness of New York is a myth. And you know: the myth, somehow, keeps everything together.