In that corner of the world where I lived, there was a river. The river brought life every Summer and his arrival was announced with stones and lightning.

The river was filled with good music, short stories and long novels. Once in a while it came with fascinating movies. Every Summer the river brought foreigners, who came singing their journeys using complicated words. Everyone who has a simple soul learns how to use the interesting words that come with the river. The river teaches you. First the sound of the words, and then their meaning.

I learned very young that some of these words are used to make the people cry; while others can be used like magic ointments, to refresh the inner self and to treat the deepest wounds.

Traveling, I met people who went through the same experience, who collected the same memories, the little stories and the bravest words.

I listened to the songs of their journeys. And I learned that in these times, when far away from home, every immigrant misses a river.