ImageIn my dream there was a highway surrounded by sequoia trees. We were going in two cars–mine was a nice black sport one–and all of a sudden, from the sky, the tips of the trees started to fall down. It was impressive and scary. It was one, two, and then the big branches were falling everywhere. «Still, they are too far–I thought–to be worried».

Somehow, the dream has to be connected to the movie I watched this afternoon: Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Maybe just the images, and the ideas of a world, not too close, not too far, where a new civilization is starting to gain power. The dream is also connected to a documentary I watched a week ago about sequoias. A scientist at Yosemite National Park was climbing the trees and taking samples of their sap to study if global warming was affecting their capacity for survival.

Also (and I don’t have an explanation for this) the dream is connected to my yesterday’s short visit to the Frick Museum in Manhattan. To Rembrandt’s self portrait and to the big canvas painted by Turner of two different European ports. The strength of the strokes of painting around the hands of Rembrandt and the light in the landscapes by Turner are the ones in my dream. Those trees were real. I had to keep looking up to avoid them.

Also, I was wondering: Where is Cesar? Would it be another movie? I would prefer to know that or to meet Rembrandt and shake his hand?

I am still dreaming, here in New York, looking up for the falling sequoias