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febrero 2010

White Noise

«The supermarket shelves have been rearranged. It happened one day without warning». Don DeLillo finds the way to write the epic of a society with no major tragedy but its boredom and its chronic depression.

There is a theology behind and beyond these creatures’ lives. But it is has been established just to create an order. As a nun explains to Jack Gladney (this kind of Leopold Bloom figuring out what to eat today and where to go later, but in a little town in America at the end of the 20th Century):  «if we did not pretend to believe these things, the world would collapse.»

Paradise exists: an organized country where the lack of real problems creates a bunch of zombies eating pill after pill, moving through a place where there was «nothing to do but wait for the next sunset.»

This is the world of the Gladney family. White Noise is a scary portrait of a society where ignorance and routine is the rule. A creepy place where it makes perfect sense to ask ourselves, as his father-in-law asks Jack before giving him a gun: «Were people this dumb before television?»

In Cold Blood

This is one of those books that grips you by the neck, opens your skull, and fills your brain with images, voices, dialogues and fears.
It’s terrific storytelling. Capote did not know anything about crime until he started interviewing the murderers and detectives involved in this case. However, he portrays the characters of this story as if he had hung out with them in Kansas all his life.
Somehow, Capote writes for us a captivating version of how the life of the Clutters was prior to their death, or the life of the assassins way before the murder.
Following the criminals in their trip from Kansas to Mexico and back to Kansas and Las Vegas, little by little he weaves around the readers this whole world, one that terrifies us as if we were the ones waiting in that house in Kansas, that full- moon night of November in 1959.

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