Antes de que se acabe el dia, déjenme compartir extractos de una carta preciosa que me acaba de llegar. (Solo omitiré algunos detalles muy personales)

Dearest Ulises:

All day long today I have been telling myself that you are absolutely
perfect for me. My students wanted to know how many sugars were in my
coffee, because I was so smiley. My officemate asked about you, and I
could just feel this uncontrollable grin on my face. She must have seen it
too because she wished us good luck.

During class, my students were roudy, and I knew it was because I was
exuding this devil-may-care attitude, as in: Who cares!? I have

I wanted to write this letter to you because I wanted to share with you
how blessed and lucky I feel to be with you, to have found you, to not have
been successful in pushing you away…Lucky because I finally let you kiss me!

It is the little things that make me grateful to know you and to be
alive. I love your little slits of brown eyes (brown light) peeking through in
the morning. I love how you cross the studio to say to me “Tell me, mi

I love the way you do little things backwards, but with love, like the
shower curtains, the cuisine art, the coffee cup in the pots and pans
cabinet (you put that there, not me!).

I love the way you pay close attention—you listen, you watch, you exude
love. You have become my reason for living. Is this bad? Is it
enough to turn my fiancé away? I love you. I am excited to spend the rest of my
life with you. And I know you are too.

We have the same career goals, which is a blessing, because I know what
kind of support you need to be successful—you need the same things I need,
that you give! The reciprocity of us is one of the most beautiful things
that we have. We make good bedmates; we keep each other warm, both literally
and figuratively.
When I told mom we were serious, she asked me does he want to be with
you all the time? And I said «YES,» and «me too.» So apparently this is
what love birds do.

You are so intelligent. You live in the present. You can do
anything. I admire you in a way that I have never admired anyone else. I want to
be like you, I want you to admire me. I know you do, and this is more
meaningful than anything else because it means the most coming from

You, who speaks many languages, who had one career already, who is
brave and confident and happy. You who gives all that you are all the time,

Thank you.

I am writing this outside of your classroom (because I am cutting
Jacques, long story, wrong venue), watching you teach.
You look like you are good at it.